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Moree is located in north-west NSW, approximately one hour south of the Queensland border. It has three major highways in the region: Gwydir Highway, Carnarvon Highway and Newell Highway. Newell Highway is extensively used as the travelling route for the transport industry as well as for a thriving tourism trade that is seen everyday on this trail.

As the main transport link from Victoria through Western NSW into Queensland, the Newell Highway is one of the most critical transport roads in the state. This key freight route runs through the spine of country NSW and the completion of the Moree Bypass will make a huge difference to local communities, local and interstate motorists, and the road freight industry.

The Newell Highway bypass has removed trucks from Moreeā€™s commercial area in Frome Street, significantly increasing safety for local residents and promotes the efficient movement of freight on the Newell Highway south of the town.

This change to the road network places Moree Gateway in a strategic location to showcase the town on the Newell Highway and create a new commercial hub for both the region and visitors.

Moree Bypass Map

Traffic Distances Table

Location Distance from Moree Travel Time (road)
Narrabri 100.7km 1hr and 6mins
Goondiwindi 124.8km 1hr and 20mins
Inverell 141km 1hr and 35mins
Coonabarabran 220km 2hrs and 9mins
Gilgandra 314.4km 3hrs and 18mins
Dubbo 378.2km 3hrs and 58mins
Peak Hill 449.1km 4hrs and 44mins
Brisbane 473km 5hours and 37mins
Parkes 498.2km 5hrs and 16mins
Forbes 531.4km 5hrs and 39mins
Sydney 626km 7hrs and 29mins
Melbourne 1229km 14hrs and 22mins